Joyful Reunion Book – New Release

Joyful Reunion
is the touching story of a young woman who kept an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent abortion a secret from her family for nearly a decade. There was good reason for keeping this secret and no good reason to reveal it, until a life changing revelation emerged through the fog of heartache, fear and shame that gave her the reason, the courage really, to expose it to the light. When she did, it opened the door to healing and changed her life forever.



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Reader’s Comments

“Joyful Reunion” captured and held my attention from beginning to end.  Written with compassion and sensitivity, each page touched me with the reality of such a delicate issue affecting so many people.  It truly is a story of hope for anyone who has suffered in silence unable to receive the love and forgiveness from yourself and from our great God!  I will definitely pass this quick read on to others.

B.C.- Omaha, NE



Contending for the Heart

Parents are asking, “How can I control my children’s behavior when they are being subjected to so many outside influences?” As reasonable as that question may seem, it’s the wrong question. We should be asking, “How can I influence and win the heart of my child?” “Contending for the Heart” is a collection of short stories about real families who found that correct behavior naturally follows when you contend for and win the heart of your child.



Reader’s Comments

First, let me say, Contending for the Heart” is without a doubt, the very best book on child rearing that I have ever read! Van finished it first and loved it! We are recommending it to everyone in our church; … See Moreand in August we are doing a marriage advance and we will recommend it there! While reading it, I experienced every emotion fathomable; through many tears, smiles, and many others expressions of emotions, I gained much education on God’s loving grace that all parents need to know. You are an anointed author, and I hope you write many more books. Van and I will be some of your greatest mouth pieces to get the book into the hands of as many parents as possible.

Van and Regina

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Family, A Journey With Your Children

There may be no greater heartache than that which is felt when relationships are broken between parents and children.  And although this has become common place, even within the church, it does not have to be. This series addresses marriage, but focuses primarily on the parent/child relationship.  As you listen, perhaps what you believe about raising a family will be challenged.